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In the late 1970s, Dutch European Championship winning coach Wiel Coerver led a revolution in soccer coaching. He was dissatisfied with the lack of individual skills and emphasis on defensive play in the professional game; an emphasis that many thought, was stifling the more exciting, attacking style of play necessary to score goals and attract fans.
Currently, Coerver Coaching is active in more than 30 countries.


Coerver Coaching is a global football coaching programme inspired by the teachings of Wiel Coerver and created in 1984 by Alfred Galustian and Chelsea great,Charlie Cooke.

Up to that point, little attention had been given to individual skill development, because no one knew quite how to teach these skills. It was also, then, widely assumed that the great players of the game were innately gifted far beyond the capabilities of the average player.

Coerver’s early focus was on teaching ball mastery and 1 v 1 skills by encouraging players to emulate the “moves” of soccer’s all-time greats, such as Sir Stanley Matthews, Cryuff, Beckenbauer and Pele.

In 1984, inspired by Wiel Coerver’s Philosophy, Alfred Galustian and Charlie Cooke founded what is now known around the world as Coerver(R) Coaching.

Since 1984, the Coerver(R) Coaching curriculum has been devised by Alfred and Charlie to encompass all Technical aspects of the game. The Coerver(R) Method Curriculum, now includes the following structures which make up what is now called the Coerver(R) System© 2011.

“The Coerver 3 Part Curiculum1986
“The Coerver Pyramid of Player Development© 1997
“The Coerver Pyramid of Moves© 2003
“The Coerver Skills Bridge” © 2009
“The Coerver Code” © 2010
The Coerver planner ©2010
The Coerver Skills Wheel©2012

The Coerver(R) Coaching business has also grown from one camp in New York in 1984 to operations in 27 countries involving education products and services for hundreds of thousands of players and coaches around the world.

Coerver(R) Coaching in Japan

In 1990 “Fighting Soccer” Video series was launched in Japan by Maruzen Company. It was a multi part series focusing on Wiel Coerver’s early work.

In 1993 Alfred Galustian was invited to Japan, and signed a contract with Mr K.Matsuo for Kix International to become the Coerver Coaching Licensee in Japan. The first Coerver Coaching event was held in 1994.

In 1995 Coerver(R) Coaching Japan started with one school for young players .

In 1999 the Coerver(R) Coaching Academy for Coaches was established with Alfred Galustian the head teacher. This academy has, over the past 14 years, produced over 250 Full time trained Coerver(R) Coaches.

Up to 2000 Kix International remained the Coerver(R) Coaching Licensee in Japan, with Alfred Galustian spending many months each year in Japan training coaches in the Coerver(R) Method.

In 2000 Mr Matsuo bought the Coerver rights for Asia Pacific.

In 2002 Shinji Ishabashi joined Coerver(R) Japan as CEO. At that time there were 21 Coerver(R) schools, 15 were directly managed and Japan licensees managed 6. Currently there are 108 schools in nearly every prefecture in Japan, with over 20,000 young players attending each week.

The Coerver(R) influence on Japanese soccer

In a recent interview ,Tashima san, General Secretary of the JFA and a former Technical Director of the JFA, commented that he had witnessed the introduction of Coerver in Japan 20 years ago, and that Coerver Coaching had played a huge part in the development and success of Japanese Soccer over these 20 years.


Coerver Coaching is the World’s No. 1 Soccer Skills Teaching Method.

Coerver Coaching is a soccer skills teaching method for people of all ages and levels. The age group between 5~15 years old is called the Golden Age, and is the age group when they obtain the individual technical skills the quickest. The 6 Coerver Coaching Characteristics shown below help children obtain this immediately.

Coerver Coaching 6 Characteristics

Skill UPImprove individual technical skills to its fullest potential

Super TechniqueYou will learn the techniques used by the best player in the world

RuleEach children will have one soccer ball each

ProgramA detailed program that teaching the basics of becoming a soccer player

Step by StepA step by step training menu that is created to develop the children

InstructionTraining menus are created con-sidering the levels of the children and coached at the right pace

However, even though you acquire the perfect individual technical skills, it is useless if you cannot apply it in a game with 11 soccer players. Japanese children have a weakness in the areas of communication and decision making skills, so in Coerver Coaching Japan, coaches create training menus that will improve this weakness.
In this way, at our Coerver Coaching Soccer Schools, we not only help improve individual technical skills but also help improve this communication and decision making skills. Coerver Coaching Japan is not a soccer team or group, but a school where anyone can attend after school on the week days.
At our Coerver Coaching Soccer Schools, we help improve individual technical skills to its fullest potential. Training menus are created considering the levels of the children and coached at the right pace. Again, Coerver Coaching is not a soccer team, so individuals can play soccer at their own will and keep on challenging new things. Famous coaches throughout the world recommend our Coerver Method and we promise to take responsibility and help improve individual technical skills.

Pyramid of Player Development

To obtain technique and tactical understanding of the game, it is necessary to create several training menus. To help players achieve this, Coerver Coaching has a curriculum that is based on the Coerver Coaching Philosophy.

GROUP PLAY Exercises and games that improve small group play with emphasis Fast Break Attacks.
FINISHING Exercises and games that improve technique and encourage instinctive play around the goal.
SPEED Exercises and games that improve agility,acceleration,and power with or without the ball.
1v1 ATTACK + DEFENCE Exercises and games that teach game winning individual moves and create space against packed defences.
RECEIVING + PASSING Exercises and games to improve 1st touch and to encourage accurate and creative passing.
BALL MASTERY 1 Player 1 ball.Repetition ball control exercises with both feet.

Coerver Coaching Endorsements

  • ビセンテ・デル・ボスケ

    Vicente Del Bosque

    (Head Coach Spain National Team FIFA World Cup™ & UEFA Euro Champion)

    “Alfred’s Coerver® Coaching course at Real Madrid was very well received by us all, since our goal, especially in the formative years, is technical excellence. Unless players are highly technical, it does not matter what system or tactic you play, at the highest level you will probably lose.”

  • ホセ・モライス

    Jose Morais

    (First Team Coach – Real Madrid CF)

    “At the early ages the foundation of teaching should focus on technique, Coerver was the first time I had been exposed to a curriculum, which focused on this philosophy. Since the early years Coerver has added game related and full game pressures to all of the skills, that was perfect for me in my work”.

  • ピーター・ベアズリー

    Peter Beardsley

    (England legend and Football Development Manager- Newcastle United FC)

    “All young players will improve by following the Coerver Coaching programme. I have seen many different methods of coaching skills and Coerver Coaching beats them all”.

  • オズワルド・アルディレス

    Osvaldo Ardiles

    (FIFA World Cup™ Champion – Argentina)

    “Coerver(R) Coaching has greatly influenced how the game is taught all over the world. This is a superb programme which can improve a whole generation of future players”

  • ジェラルド・ウーリエ

    Gerard Houllier

    (Former Technical Director French Football Federation,
    Former manager Liverpool FC, Lyon FC & Aston Villa FC)

    “Coerver(R) Coaching is the best technical skills teaching method I have come across; even after 25 years it continues to evolve and excite”

  • カルロス・パレイラ

    Carlos Parriera

    (FIFA World Cup™ Champion – Head Coach Brazil)

    “The reactions to Alfred’s courses in Brazil were excellent. Many former World Cup players and coaches attended, and it was obvious to us all that the Coerver®Coaching programme encourages and teaches individual skills and creativity which is needed by us, as much as by other countries.”

  • サー・ジェフ・ハースト

    Sir Geoff Hurst

    (FIFA World Cup™ Champion and only man to score 3 goals in a World Cup Final – England)

    “Coerver® Coaching’s focus on teaching (individual) skills is, in my opinion, the best way to improve the next generation of players. This is a program that can do this.”

  • ユルゲン・クリンスマン

    Jurgen Klinsmann

    (Head Coach United States of America
    Former Germany National Team Player / FIFA World Cup Champion)

    “I wish Coerver Coaching existed when I was a child. If Coerver Coaching existed back then, I would have been a better player.”

  • ルネ・ミューレンスティン

    Rene Meulensteen

    (First Team Coach – Manchester United FC)

    “I was appointed by Sir Alex Ferguson as Technical Coach of Manchester United because I was a Coerver® Coach. He and I feel that the Coerver® Coaching program is the top way of teaching technical skills.”

  • ジョン・コリンズ

    John Collins

    (Former Everton FC, Celtic FC, Monaco FC and Scotland Captain)

    “I was a Coerver(R) pupil as a youngster.it helped me so much in my career..I would recommend it to all coaches,parents and players”

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